Print of the Month - October 2021

This is one of Le Blond’s larger Baxter Process prints (40 by 28.5 cm) and was published circa 1865.

It is sometimes on a mount with a line round the subject, and engraved on the mount below the print in the centre is “Galway Peasants. Printed in oil colours by Le Blond & Co., London. From the original painting by F. W. Topham, Esq.”

Prints not having this engraved lettering sometimes have the Le Blond coloured label - usually blue - on the back of the mount, giving the Serial No., the title of the subject, and “Printed in oil colours by Le Blond & Co., London.”

The original painting by Francis William Topham (1808 - 1877) was a watercolour painted in 1857. It measures 39 by 31.2 cm and is now held in the V&A, London.

You can view the Topham painting online at:- Galway Peasants | Topham, Francis William (OWS) | V&A Explore The Collections (