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The New Baxter Society is a not-for-profit organisation concerned with the collection, preservation and study of the colour prints of George Baxter, his Licensees and other Nineteenth-Century Colour Printers.

George Baxter Colour Picture Printer George Baxter made his name as a colour picture printer in the mid 19th century as his patented process was instrumental in bringing affordable high quality decorative colour prints to the masses.  His first commercial colour printing appeared in the 1830s and took the form of book illustrations, effectively replacing some of the hand colouring that made coloured books so expensive to buy.

Around 1850 Baxter licensed his process to a number of competing printers including Abraham Le Blond, Joseph Kronheim, Bradshaw & Blacklock, Joseph Mansell, William Dickes and Myers & Co.

Colour prints produced by George Baxter and his Licensees can be found in many forms including book illustrations, decorative prints, on needle boxes and pin cushions, on valentines and on school reward cards.

George Baxter's Gems of the Great Exhibition no.2 Belgian department

Baxter's success was relatively short-lived as improvements in the cheaper chromolithography processes saw them take centre stage in the later part of the 19th century. Exponents of chromolithography included M & N Hanhart, Day & Son, Thomas Nelson, Leighton Brothers and some of Baxter's Licensees.

If you would like any further information about The New Baxter Society, George Baxter, his licensees or their work, please contact us. Your enquiry will be answered using our library of reference books or passed on to one of our "expert" members. We are fortunate to have amongst our membership, authors of Baxter reference books, descendants of Baxter's family and enthusiasts who have been collecting for many years. We are happy to try to identify prints and to give an estimate of valuation.

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09 Mar 2021NEWSLETTER March 2021Our latest 24-page Newsletter has been posted out to members. We celebrate 100 years since the formation of the second Baxter Society. Articles include: - An original design by George Baxter for Joseph Mansell, Jenny Lind on silk, A review of Baxter’s serial numbers focusing on Lake Lucerne, Daughter of the Regiment, Brighton Chain Pier and the unrecorded Hastings & Scotch, A peep into the world of Baxter collecting in the 1920s, Dickes reward cards after Frith photos, the inspiration for Le Blond’s Brothers Water, Baxter’s Map of the Victories of Napoleon III, more on Kronheim’s pocket book prints, the Baxter Art Union revisited, and Views of Lake Scenery by Leighton Bros. Due to Covid we have been unable to meet up recently so we have included another 24-page Bonus Edition Newsletter with this posting. Features include: - Joseph Mansell at the Great Exhibition, George Baxter’s replications of Bolton Abbey and Lake Garda, a new Mansell reward card set, the Chalees Satoon or hall of Forty Pillars, more about the Leighton Family, George Cargill Leighton’s Baxter process prints, a look at how George Baxter’s “enlargements” were produced, and the Holy Family on music.