Print of the Month - August 2021

Look quickly at these two Baxter Process prints by Kronheim and you might think that they are the same print. But if you lay them side by side you will see that there is a difference in size, and if you look closely you will see numerous differences in the composition.

The larger version was recorded as ‘Les Petits Poulets’, BT 472, in the “Baxter Times” magazine produced by the second Baxter Society in the 1920s. It measures approx. 8 x 11 cm and is from a sheet of 9 prints.

The smaller print measures approx. 7 x 9 cm.

It is not known which version was done first, and whether all the 9 subjects from the sheet were produced in two sizes.

The larger print shows a tree behind the young lady, an extra tree trunk in the top left corner, the house has changed in the top right corner and there is an extra chick near the woman’s feet.

Can you spot any more differences?