Print of the Month - November 2021

Published by George Baxter in 1848 and Used as an illustration in the pocket-book Suttaby’s Le Souvenir for 1849; and also in Suttaby's Marshall’s Ladies’ Daily Remembrancer for the same year.

The scene is described in the pocket-book:
“Humble as may be the fisherman’s home, it, often contains some of the bravest and kindest hearts. A striking proof was offered some years ago. On Holy Island, near the coast of Durham, resided one Darling, a fisherman, with his young daughter Grace. In a tremendous storm the “Forfarshire” steamship was wrecked on the rocks of that dangerous shore. Most of the crew perished, but some were fortunate enough to reach a rock at a distance from the island, whence, however, they every moment expected to be swept away. Hearing their cries, Darling launched his boat, and as another hand was indispensable his daughter Grace nobly determined to share his danger. The sea was still running mountains high, but they succeeded in reaching the spot and rescuing the sufferers.”

George Baxter's print is after a painting by Francis John Wyburd.

Baxter Process Print, size c. 7 x 5.5 cm.

When in the books it has the words "Printed in Oil Colours by George Baxter, Patentee, 11, Northampton Square, from a Painting by F. J. Wyburd.” below the print.