Copyright Policy

Our terms and conditions detail what you can and cannot do with our content and all use of is subject to them. This copyright policy summarises how users are permitted to use our content and also explains the types of use that requires the purchase of a membership subscription.

You may view New Baxter Society content for your personal use on any device that is compatible with our website. This might be a PC, laptop, smart phone or other mobile device.

You may not copy content and you may not republish or redistribute our content, for example by pasting it into emails or republishing it in any media, including other websites

We recognise that users of the Internet want to share information with others. As long as you do not create a copy of our content, you may link to our website either from your website or by email. Links to content in our members pages are not allowed as only members who have paid a subscription and who have requested access to these pages are allowed access.

If you are a member of The New Baxter Society and have requested access to members pages you cannot share your user name and password with anyone else. A password is for one person’s use only. Sharing a password means a copy of our content may subsequently be made by someone who is not authorised to do that. Password sharing is a breach of our terms and conditions and may result in an infringement of copyright.

We own most of the content on our website and what we don’t own ourselves we obtain the appropriate permissions to use. If you believe that we are using your content without your consent, please email us at so we can investigate.

If you have some questions about our policy please email us at

If you would like to publish any content contained on this website please email us at with details and we will consider your request.

Thank you for reading this policy, our ability to maintain high quality information depends on our users complying with it.

We reserve the right to change our copyright policy from time to time by publishing an updated policy on this website.

Any policy published on this website will become effective immediately with effect from publication. This copyright policy was published on 10 July 2012.