Print of the Month - October 2019

Published by Le Blond & Co. in 1850 and printed using the patented Baxter Process. Abraham Le Blond was one of George Baxter's licensees and this is the first print Le Blond gave a number to. This is LB No.1.

The print can be found unmounted or on one of two mounts. One has a gold-patterned border round the subject with a serial number in gold at the bottom side, and the title in white on a gold ground in the bottom centre, and the other has an embossed fancy border round the subject, and an embossed title and serial number in a scroll in the bottom centre.

This print was also used as an illustration in 1851 to Peacock, Mansfield & Sons’ pocket-book called La Belle Assemblee or Fashionable Repository.

A smaller version of this subject was also used as a needle-box print in Le Blond's "Fancy Subject Set"

Size 3 1/2 x 2 1/4 inches. This print is unsigned except when it is in the pocket-book when it has engraved on the left "Printed in oil colous by Le Blond & Co." and on the right "Licencees, London".