Print of the Month - February 2019

Queen Victoria visited famine-stricken Ireland in August 1849 for 11 days. George Baxter published this print and the companion print, "The Landing of Her Majesty and HRH Prince Albert in Ireland" the following year. Both prints were produced by his patented Baxter Process.

Her Majesty Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, and the then Prince of Wales are seen standing on the paddle-box of the Royal Yacht, which is about to depart. History records that the Queen, from this position, ordered the Royal Standard to be lowered three times. The Royal children (the Princess Royal, Prince Alfred, and Princess Alice) are on the deck below accompanied by officers and aids.

Baxter claims this as an original Design. When found on a stamped mount it has the title "The Royal Yacht"

Baxter’s print is Signed on the left bottom corner, “Baxter’s Patent Oil Printing, 11, Northampton Square,” in four lines.

It was originally sold priced 2s.