Print of the Month - January 2016

Often called 'Large Winter' this print was published by George Baxter in 1859. Catalogued by Courtney Lewis as CL 368.

An advertisement appeared in March, 1859, “Now publishing, price 10s. 6d., in oil colours, Baxter’s new picture entitled ‘Winter,’ pronounced by the public press to rival his former vivid copies of the productions of the first masters.”

Baxter Process Print, size 38 x 29 cm. This print is unsigned.

It was originally sold for 10s. 6d.

Companion print to CL 365 (“Summer”), and after a painting by the same artist, after W. E. Jones.

Produced from a steel plate and eight colour blocks. Also printed by Le Blond and Vincent Brooks after Baxter sold the plates when his business closed.