Print of the Month - July 2017

Published by Le Blond & Co. in the 1850s and printed using the Baxter Process. Abraham Le Blond was one of George Baxter's licensees.

The print can be found unmounted or on one of two mounts. One has a filigree gold border round the subject with a serial number in gold at the bottom side, and the title in white on a gold scroll in the bottom centre, and the other has an embossed fancy border round the subject, and an embossed title and serial number in a scroll in the bottom centre.

This print was also used as an illustration in 1852 to Peacock, Mansfield & Sons’ Pocket-book called La Belle Assemblee or Fashionable Repository.

It was printed from ten blocks.

Size 3 3/4 x 2 1/2 inches. This print is unsigned.