Print of the Month - October 2014

Printed 1846 by George Baxter using his patented Baxter Process.

One of seven prints by George Baxter of the Rev. John Williams. From the same plate as CL 074 with the background changed to show Williams on a veranda overlooking a scene in Rarotonga.

Dr. Campbell describes the scene in his book, Martyr of Erromanga (page 100):
“For more than a month prior to his departure, groups of the people collected in the cool of the evening around the trunk of some gigantic tree or beneath the shade of a stately banana, and sang in plaintive strains the stanzas which they had composed to express their sorrow at the anticipated separation.”

This print was published by the Patriot. It is generally found on a canvas stretcher and highly varnished, for which the publishers charged 1s. extra.

Original published price 10s. 6d., or free to subscribers to the paper.

Print size 26.5 x 22 cm. The print is unsigned.