Print of the Month - February 2023

Printed using Baxter's Patent Process and published by George Baxter in 1855 (Baxter’s Number 130). Courtney Lewis no.260.

After the oil painting by Thomas Brooks.

Produced from a steel plate and nine metal colour blocks.

Originally sold at 10s. 6d. Size 38 x 27.5 cm.

It is signed between the ladies’ dress and the door on the left, low down (the background is usually so dark it is difficult/impossible to read the signature), “Published May 19th, 1855, by G. Baxter, Proprietor & Patentee, London,” in three lines.

Together with "The Lovers’ Letter-box", "The Day before Marriage", and "The Fruit Girl of the Alps", these four prints are George Baxter's four large lovely ladies.