Print of the Month - February 2022

Printed by William Dickes using George Baxter's original steel key plates, this is one of a set of seven reproductions after Raphael’s famous cartoons.

Whereas George Baxter produced his print of the subject using his Baxterotype Process (adding a tint using a colour block to the key plate impression), William Dickes' print is just a pull from the key plate. These pulls by Dickes show the skill of the original engraving by George Baxter.

Alfred Docker, in his 1924 book "The Colour Prints of William Dickes" suggested that Dickes produced these prints from Baxter's key plates in colour using Baxter's patented process, but without any evidence of this it now looks likely that Dickes only printed these monochrome versions.

Adverts can be found in several contemporary publications including the ‘Barnsley Chronicle’ in 1873 and 1874 which show William Dickes & Co. offering “Raphael Cartoons - seven fine Steel Engravings” for 2s. 6d. the set.

Size about 22 x 15 cm.

Signed “W Dickes, London”, bottom right within the print