Print of the Month - November 2020

Published by Le Blond & Co. in 1851 and printed using the patented Baxter Process in ten colours. Her Majesty is seen wearing the ribbon and star of an order.

Abraham Le Blond was one of George Baxter's licensees. He often gave his prints identification numbers - this being number 19.

The print can be found unmounted and on two types of mount. One has a fancy gold border round the print with a serial number in gold on the bottom side, and the title in white on a gold design in the bottom centre; and the other has a fancy embossed border round the subject, and an embossed title and serial number in a scroll in the bottom centre.

Le blond produced a smaller version of this subject that appears as a needle-box print in The Regal Set.

Size 4.1/2 by 2.3/4 inches.

This print is signed bottom centre “Le Blond & Co., Licencees, London.”

There are some chromolithographs of this subject. It is not clear when the chromolithographs were produced or whether they were by Le Blond.