Feature July 2013

Baxter Field - In Memory of George Baxter

In the narrow streets of Sydenham, South London you can find a green oasis surrounded by houses called Baxter Field .

It is best described as a recreation ground containing various items of children's play equipment and a number of park benches.

At the entrance in Charlcote Grove there is a small plaque erected by the Sydenham Society in 1980 in memory of George Baxter.

Plaque erected in the memory of George Baxter by the Sydenham Society

At that time the Sydenham Society arranged a series of historical walkabouts led by a local historian. After one of the walks over coffee the question was raised as to why the open space nearby had no name.

The suggestion was made that it should be named after George Baxter, observing that the site was very close to the family home of his in-laws, the Harrilds, in Round Hill. After obtaining permission from the local Council the plaque was unveiled at a ceremony in 1980.