Print of the Month - December 2018

Printed by Kronheim & Co. using the Baxter Process about 1860.

One of a set of six Christmas cards printed on one sheet by Kronheim.

Each card has a title and verse on the back. In this instance it is:

Father Christmas

Give him a welcome, the old, old man,
With the frosted beard and the shining eyes,
He's a friend belonging to every clan
Of every nation under the skies.
Wonderful stories he has to tell,
As you gather round the winter fire;
Listen, and love him, and use him well,
He will do you good, and will not tire.

Give him a welcome, for he will move
Yours hearts to pity and tenderness;
He will teach you the lonely and sad to love,
And the poor and needy to help and bless.
Hang up the greenery everywhere,
Let the children come dancing in,
But shut the door against sullen care,
And double-lock it on ugly sin.

Give Him a welcome - the Saviour Lord,
Keep His birthday with song and mirth,
For angels are singing with one accord,
Joy onto all men - peace on earth;
Ask Him to come, the Heavenly Guest,
Into the hearts, into the homes,
With His Christmas blessings of peace and rest,
For 'tis always joyous where Jesus comes!

The card measures 12.5 x 9 cm.